Frankie and Johnny Are Married – A Romantic Comedy – A Hollywood Relationship Movie

Movies Jun 24, 2017

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“A tasty inside-Hollywood satire…raucously funny and irreverent…a delicious sen dup of the roaring egos on display in show business…Chess has the mature sensuality of the best European actresses.”
Stephen Farber, Movie line’s Hollywood Life

“A fresh and funny film about marriage, career, life in Hollywood and the power of theater. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Leonard Maltin, Hot Ticket

“A Sweetheart of a movie……Very funny and Touching”
Bridget Byrne, Box Office Magazine, May issue
Read what the Movie Critics are saying about Frankie and Johnny Are Married. Read the Rave Review by PeteBrainerer in New York Magazine and Kevin Thomas in the Los Angeles Times. More
New Talk About The Movie Forum
Talk to Alan Rosenberg, Michael Pressman and Lisa Chess about the movie. Express your feelings, thoughts, and questions.
They will answer you.

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Lisa Chess Talks about making the film, acting and marriage
An interview with Lisa Chess in which she talks about working with her husband, Director Michael Pressman, separating fact from fiction and shooting a movie in her own here
And the winner is . . .
Montreal Film Festival – Official Selection
Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival *WinneRenaissancece Award
AFFIXFI Fest, Los Angeles – Official Selection
Ashland Film Festival *Winner Acting Ensemble Award
Finalist – Best Picture, Finalist- Best Cinematography
The Wine Country Film Festival – Official Selection
Seattle Film Festival – Official Selection
Sarasota Film Festival – Official Selection
The Other Venice Film Festival – Winner Best Picture
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What does this Romantic Comedy have in common with The Graduate and Rocky?
The answer may only be known to trailer Buffs. The skill of making trailers is an art in its own right, and we were lucky to have the talent of one of the greatest, who’s work is associated with some of the biggest movie hits from the late 60’s through the ’90’s. click here and learn more
Hollywood pro shoots MinDIVDV
A personal film about Making Movies and Television, producing a play, saving a marriage and much more. To find out what Michael Pressman has to say about making a digital movies. click here
Jacek Lasksus, A.S.C.
Talks about shooting an Independent Movie with the new Panasonic 24P MiniDV camera. More
Final Cut Pro goes to Hollywood
Film Editor, Jeff Freeman chose Final Cut Pro to edit Frankie and Johnny are Married. . . .More
From Low Budget Features
to Series Television and Back
Producer Alice West uses her series television experience to produce to a small budget personal movie and it brings her back to her roots . . . More

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