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What You Should Know About Physiotherapy

Starting from common back pain due to incorrect postural habits up to more complex neurological pathologies, physiotherapy enters the field as a valid discipline that can relieve and provide healing.

Not everyone knows that there is a solution to these problems that is minimally invasive and, above all, solves the problem without the use of medicines. You should look for a good physiotherapist to help you in such cases. Here is a Medimap to see physio clinics in Victoria.

What is Physiotherapy?

Described as a practice that can solve various medical problems thanks to massages, postures, and tractions, it should not be confused with alternative or unconventional medicine practices. Quite the contrary: physiotherapy is a branch of medicine in all respects, medical therapy with a preventive, curative, and rehabilitative purpose. Thanks to the manipulation of professionals and specific treatments, it can solve many pathologies.

Its purpose is to allow the recovery of motor functions in patients suffering from pathologies or dysfunctions in the musculoskeletal, neurological, and visceral fields. Physiotherapy does not involve the administration of drugs but is a motor re-education that uses physical means such as gymnastics or massage. The therapeutic interventions of this branch of medicine are many.physical therapy

Physiotherapy: What it Cures

In the collective imagination, it is not always clear exactly what physiotherapy cures. From a general point of view, physiotherapy aims to recover the body’s functions that have suffered an injury or a malformation, both pathological and congenital.

But the fields of application in physiotherapy are very many. The physiotherapist can be used in:

  • gynecology
  • cardiology
  • pulmonology
  • neurology
  • orthopedics

In such a vast panorama, thinking that physiotherapy is only helpful in managing muscular problems or fighting lumbar pain and sudden injuries is an understatement.

Furthermore, physiotherapy is also an excellent ally in preparing for childbirth or anticipating a sporting performance.

So, to summarize what physiotherapy treats, we can list: prevent joint and osteoarticular disorders, manage musculoskeletal dysfunctions, manage joint or functional dysfunctions, post-trauma rehabilitation, respiratory pathologies rehabilitation, improve balance in Parkinson’s patients fight back pain, prevent disorders related to ‘aging.

Physiotherapy: When Do You Need It?

Backache? Inflammations? When to resort to the incredible beneficial effect of physiotherapy treatments? A persistent question in the field of physiotherapy is to understand when it is needed. Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine used both when the problem has already manifested itself, such as after a trauma or in a post-operative situation, but also before the pathology occurs.

Doing physiotherapy to prevent disorders and pathologies may seem strange, but in reality, prevention is an essential aspect of physiotherapy. A discipline aimed at involving the patient through motor education and awareness of one’s body. Thanks to this attention typical of physiotherapy, it is possible to prevent numerous joint and osteoarticular disorders, and in general, the disorders related to aging.…