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Features Of The Porcelain Dolls

Porcelain Dolls (or Bisque Dolls) have been around since about the 1800s and they can come in many sizes and figures. They started as children’s playthings, but since then they have become more of a collector’s item or a piece of house decoration. The heads of the dolls are made out of bisque porcelain which is a type of porcelain that is unglazed, white matter and can have a skin like feeling texture to it. However, the eyes of the dolls on a lot of occasions are made out of glass.

The bodies of the porcelain dolls are rarely made out of porcelain bisque because they can break easily, so either wood, leather, cloth or paper mâché are used to create the body. A doll made completely out of bisque porcelain is knows are an all bisque doll, and these are usually the figures that are used for house decorations. The bambole di porcellana can fetch a high price on the collectors market so it is important to look at what features of the Porcelain Dolls you should be aware of while you shop.

General information

But before you buy

Male dollPorcelain Dolls can come with different purposes. They can be for house decorations, gift, children’s playthings, and a collector’s item. It is important to know what you would like the Porcelain Doll to be for so that you can know what features of the Porcelain Dolls you should be aware of. For example, if you are a collector you want the original material and may be willing to spend more than a person who is looking for a child’s play thing that may get quickly broken.

Are they authentic?

One of the most important features of the Porcelain Dolls is if they are genuine and this can be checked by looking for a signature and number that the maker molding into the doll to mark that it is their work. Some Porcelain Dolls may also come with a certificate of authenticity, and it is a good idea to ask for proof before you buy.

Design and material

female dollThe features of the Porcelain Dolls could show the period they were made because of the materials used as well as the style of clothes they are wearing. Hair is a give away too because in the 1800s to early 1900s hair was painted onto the head. Hair rooted ones are the most modern dolls.

When looking at the features of the Porcelain Dolls, it is important to check for damage as well as to see which design and size you would like. There are so many of them to choose from that narrowing it down can make it easier.…