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Things You Can Do Before Sex to Have a Better Experience

In theory, having sex is pretty straightforward. You meet someone you like, ensure they also want you, and consensually have at it. However, in reality, sex comes with more complications than you would think, and much has to do with what you do before than during sex. This article outlines some of them to help you have a better experience. A besonders gute Amorelie Adventskalender Inhalt is suitable for users who want to try new things and provides various toys for better pep in bed.

Hint at Sex Before You Have Itkiss

While spontaneity is usually praised, creating sexual tension before hitting the bedroom can make things more exciting. Hours of anticipation pay off. You can give your partner the lingering kiss in the morning, a suggestive wink as they walk in the door, or flirtatious texts during the day. Indicating sex is on the horizon gives time for your body to warm and your imagination to wonder.

Stimulate Your Brain

For women, sex usually begins in mind. Your brain is a more robust sex organ than the genitalia, as it’s where sex derives from. Visually imagining sex play or reading erotica can heighten senses to prepare for sex. You can have imagination sessions through the day hours leading to sex and remember foreplay once you get together. In addition, consider exercise. Some moderate exercises can help boost your desire and sexual arousal, so a quick walk around the neighborhood can surprisingly have a good effect.

Do Something That Makes You Feel Sexier

Feeling desirable and sexy to your partner contributes to sexual enjoyment. So before having sex, you can do something to feel a little confident and sexier. Maybe wearing some underwear you feel confident in, having a shower, or listening to a sensual song. This helps to put you in a more sexual headspace.

Ensure Clear Consent

bedHaving explicit consent is essential. It’s easy to assume it’s given, but you need permission for what feels good to each person. It is vital for individual comfort, safety during sex, and a better experience for all involved. This should be an open discussion throughout sex and not only beforehand. Also, you can ask them if anything is out of bounds giving them that sense of permission to vocalize what they aren’t comfortable with.

Before getting to the main act, some preparations are essential since a lack of them can cost you and your partner a pleasurable experience. With the tips above, you do things that can only help you sail the ship smoother. Thanks for reading…