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Understanding The Science Behind Beard Transplants

Due to genetic variations, some men have considerably more facial hairs than others. These differences often end up making others feel disadvantaged or less muscular. For a fact, no one would take pride in having a scanty beard or mustache. As such, the only remedy to such a condition is going for a hair transplant. In most instances, there is no standard procedure considering that different men have different preferences. It can be done to make an area denser than it is or to introduce hair where there is none.

Facts to know about beard transplants

No of transplants

Ideally, the number of transplants or grafts needed depends doctors operating someoneon the area where you want to place the implant. For instance, a full goatee requires more grafts that those required in a mustache or a side burn. This is an important consideration considering that some clinics charge you based on such parameters.

Donor hair

When going for an implant, always have it at the back of your mind that the hair used is coming from another human being. In some instances, you could be the donor. Donor’s hairs are often sourced from the scalp. Once transplanted on the face, they tend to behave like normal hair. As much as the surgeon knows what is right for you, you can always talk to them about the type of hair you prefer.

The procedure

The beard transplant operation starts with a donor. Hair obtained from the donor is placed in a special solution while awaiting transplantation. Once you are ready, the surgeon clears the beard areas and applies some an anesthesia on the area the transplant is going to take place. After this, tiny slots are created in the area after which the hair precisely placed into the slots until the desired beard density is attained.


man with a fully grown beardBeard transplants are often one-day operations. This implies that the patient should be allowed to go home after the operation in considered to be a success. The patient is expected to use anti-inflammatory drugs and some pain relievers for about a week. Transplanted hair will then fall off after which fresh and permanent hair will start growing.

A hair transplant operation is just like any other surgical operations. As much as it not very intrusive, you need to walk into a beard transplant Sydney clinic for the best experience. Considering that it is a cosmetic procedure, there is no room for mistakes.…